Walk the Extra Mile Without Pain: How to Find Relief From Veins In Your Feet

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If you have varicose veins in your feet, you know just how painful they can be; especially if you have to stand for long periods. The good news about varicose veins on your feet is that they are common and can be treated relatively easily. Whether we use sclerotherapy or another vein treatment, we have a few tricks to help you find relief until you get the procedure done.

Wear Compression Socks

You may have heard of compression stockings which are tall socks used to help get rid of varicose veins, but you may not have heard of compression socks before. Compression socks work similarly to compression stockings but rather than them helping alleviate irritation on your legs; they focus solely on your feet. Just make sure that you find a pair of socks that are tight enough to lessen the pressure.

Elevate Your Feet

If you work long hours at a job where you stand a lot, try to elevate your legs during a break. No, you don’t have to raise them above your head or anything crazy like that, but just kicking your feet up and getting them off the ground will help you get rid of swelling and will lead to better circulation.

Watch What You Wear

The last thing that you want to wear when you have varicose veins on your feet is high heels. Although you may have just bought a killer pair of pumps for fall, you may as well return them because they will make your varicose veins worse. Try getting shoes that are flats, but that also have arch support in them.

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