What’s the Deal With IPL For Veins?

IPL Fort Worth, TXOne of the things that we are extremely popular for here at Southwest Vein and Leg is our laser treatments. A similar treatment to laser that we offer is IPL. If you have had intense pulse light or IPL done on your face to help treat cosmetic issues like hyperpigmentation or scarring, then you may be slightly familiar with the process. However, here at Southwest Vein and Leg, we use IPL for a more medical based reason: to help treat spider veins.

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How Does IPL Work for Spider Veins?

By using a broad spectrum of high-intensity light, IPL increases the temperature of the targeted blood vessels which cause the veins to collapse. Once the veins have collapsed, they are then reabsorbed by the body over time.

What Does It Feel Like?

If you’ve ever had a laser treatment done, then you can expect IPL to feel a little bit similar. Most patients say that IPL feels like a small pinprick or rubber band snapping the skin. Typically, we will apply a numbing cream or ointment to your skin before treatment to help ease any pain.

Is IPL For Everyone?

During your initial consultation with our Southwest Vein and Leg office, we will perform a brief evaluation and look at your medical history to determine whether or not IPL is good for you.

Unfortunately, IPL doesn’t work on all skin tones. In fact, it can have an adverse effect on darker skin tones. We always do several small test treatments, at no cost to you,  to determine which setting is best for your specific skin tone.

How Long Does It Take?

We can typically perform an IPL treatment in about 15 minutes which helps limit the amount of discomfort that you may experience. Depending on how severe your spider veins are and how well you respond to IPL will determine how many overall sessions you will need to take.

IPL isn’t for all of our patients, but it has helped a lot of them. If you want to learn more about IPL for veins, schedule an appointment at either our Fort Worth or Cleburne office and call us at 817.235.0769.

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