What our Clients Say:

5.0 stars from 98 reviews

“ This place goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy. They are always so nice when I call to schedule an appointment – all the way to the person who performs the laser treatments. They are professional and courteous. Way better than other vein clinics. And how could I forgot to mention the pricing, very reasonable!!! ”

“ I highly recommend Dr. Menzies and Brad. They are very caring and will help you in any way possible. Autumn is great to schedule your appointments and reschedule if necessary. All of the staff is wonderful! If you have problems with your legs, call them. ”

“ Oh my where do I start. Dr. Menzies and his entire staff are wonderful. Dr Menzies has done a total of three procedures on both of my legs. Sure it was uncomfortable, but the laughter made it bearable. And Autumn is extremely helpful. I would and will recommend Dr Menzies for any vein procedures. ”

“Totally pleased with the service and results. The initial screening and diagnosis was thorough and explained well. They did all the coordination with insurance. It’s been just 3 weeks and the results are dramatic. Very happy with the doctors/specialists who took care of me. Recommend without hesitation!!”

“Dr. Simmons and Brad are wonderful! They are very comfortable to speak to and have a calming demeanor during the procedures on my legs. I still have a couple more treatments to be done but already I can tell a huge difference on how swollen and painful they used to be and how they are now. If I have any more issues in the future with my legs, Dr. Simmons will definitely be who I go back to! I can’t wait for the end result, thank you so much Dr. Simmons and Brad!! Also, Autumn is very helpful with scheduling your next appointment. She tries her best to get your scheduled to work with what the doctor has available. Thank you Autumn! 🙂 ”

“ I cannot say enough about Dr. Simmons, Brad and Autumn at Southwest Vein and Leg they are amazing! I could not walk over a mile or sit any length of time and legs would start hurting and swell because of varicous reflux in both legs. I had to prop my legs up at night and wear compression hose to try to get any relief. It has been 2 weeks since they did my first leg, last week they did the other and yesterday I shopped with my daughter for 3 hours, came home and picked up my dog we went to the park for a 2 1/2 mile walk and I feel great! Dr. Simmons and his staff explain everything, they make you feel comfortable during the entire procedure which took less than an hour. I did interview a few Dr’s before getting this procedure done and I am so glad I found Southwest Vein and Leg, Dr. Simmons, Brad and Autumn. I recommend anyone having varicous veins or leg pain don’t wait go and see them. I can’t thank them enough! ”

“ I am very happy with the procedures performed on my legs by Robert Menzies, MD PLLC and Brad Rutledge, BS, RVT My legs had been swelling, painful, and heavy making it difficult to walk. My primary Doctor diagnosed venous insufficiency and referred me to Southwest Vein and Center. A scan was done and the results explained. An appointment was made for me to proceed. The day of the first procedure, I was a little nervous, however, Dr. Menzies and Brad’s calm demeanor put me at ease and the pain was mininal. After several procedures, the swelling and pain in my legs is gone and they feel normal again. I have also done my part in the recovery by walking and my husband and I go to the YMCA to keep our legs as strong as possible. Dr. Menzies and Brad Rutledge did an outstanding job performing these procedures and I would highly recommend them to anyone with vein and leg problems. Thank you.”

“ I absolutely love the Southwest Vein & Leg Center. Dr. Menzies, Brad and Autum have been wonderful to work with. They are very courteous and professional along with very friendly and welcoming. I am very pleased with the way my treatment is going. I would highly recommend Southwest Vein and Leg Center to anyone with concerning vein issues.”

“ Southwest Vein and Leg Center is number 1 in my book! Having Had two prior treatments on my legs Elsewhere, I feel that my treatment I received this time was Finally done right. The caring staff and doctors are the best!”

“ Have had a great experience at Southwest Vein and Leg Center. Friendly staff and have received good care during my procedurs.I’m very thankful for the results.”


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