Anesthesia For Vein Procedures In Forth Worth, TX

No one likes to feel any pain if they can avoid it. That’s exactly what anesthesia does — it stops the patient from feeling pain during a medical procedure. Modern local anesthesia and sedation make virtually any medical procedure short of open surgery doable, without resorting to general (sleep) anesthesia.

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An image of a medical chair and equipment at Southwest Vein and Leg Center.

At Southwest Vein and Leg, we offer anesthesia for some of our vein procedures, such as vein ablation.

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What is anesthesia?

Anesthesia is administered to patients to keep them comfortable during medical procedures. There are different types of anesthesia, depending on the procedure and the degree of possible pain.

Anesthesia 101 — There are four types of anesthesia:

General anesthesia

Close up of a doctor about to put an oxygen mask with anesthesia to sedate a patient in an operating room.The patient has no consciousness. General anesthesia is used for major surgery.

IV/Monitored sedation

Sedation has different levels. An oral sedative can keep you relaxed if you’re anxious about a procedure. IV sedation is continually monitored and can be deeper. In mild sedation, the patient is awake and able to respond to instructions. Tumescent anesthesia is a type of IV sedation where the solution is placed around the vein to empty the vein, provide local anesthetic, and to absorb heat.

Local anesthesia

This is injected “locally” to numb a small area.

Can anybody have the option to add anesthesia to a vein procedure?

We already use local anesthesia and tumescent anesthesia for all of our ablation procedures. Some patients also like to have at least topical numbing for sclerotherapy. If you’re overly anxious about a procedure, you can request an oral sedative prior to the procedure. Adding sedation does add cost to the procedure when we don’t normally provide it.

The vein procedures that require anesthesia

Of the procedures we perform at Southwest Vein and Leg, we generally only use anesthesia for radiofrequency ablation and laser ablation of varicose veins. This is usually a combination of local anesthesia and tumescent anesthesia.

Venous mapping is painless. Sclerotherapy involves only a very thin, tiny needle when injecting the sclerosant into various surface spider veins. Most patients don’t request any local anesthesia during sclerotherapy. They equate the feeling of the injections to that of a pinprick.

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What types of anesthesia are used for vein procedures?

Treatment of spider veins with medical radio frequency laserVein stripping, which was used to remove varicose veins before the advent of laser and radiofrequency ablation, was full surgery. These procedures required general anesthesia, but they are almost never necessary today.

In most cases of ablation, we use a combination of a local anesthetic to numb the topical area. Tumescent IV sedation will then be used down the length of the vein that is being closed off or removed.

If a patient is anxious about a procedure, we can provide oral sedation.

What are the risks involved with using anesthesia for these vein treatments?

There is virtually no risk. The anesthetics we use for these local injections have been used for decades and have proven to be safe and effective. There are none of the risks associated with general (sleep) anesthesia. With IV sedation, you are constantly monitored, and the effects can be reversed almost immediately once the drip to the vein is stopped.

How do I prepare for anesthesia prior to these vein treatments?

Patients must have nothing to eat or drink 8 hours prior to having anesthesia. Please call the office at 817.893.2699.

Patient Testimonial

” I absolutely love the Southwest Vein & Leg Center. Dr. Menzies, Brad and Autum have been wonderful to work with. They are very courteous and professional along with very friendly and welcoming. I am very pleased with the way my treatment is going. I would highly recommend Southwest Vein and Leg Center to anyone with concerning vein issues. “

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