Spider Veins Treatment
in Fort Worth, TX

As the number of candles multiplies on our birthday cakes, so do little red, purple, and blue squiggly clusters of lines on our calves and ankles. Spider veins. Unlike varicose veins, spider veins usually aren’t painful, but they are a pain to look at when we put on shorts, a skirt, or a bathing suit. At Southwest Vein & Leg Center of Fort Worth, TX, we remove spider veins with sclerotherapy and intense pulsed light treatments.

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What Are Spider Veins?

Unlike varicose veins, which are large enough to push the surface skin upwards, spider veins don’t do that. They are tiny veins but since they are close to the surface of skin their dark colors make them easily visible. Rather than a single raised varicose vein, spider veins usually show up in clusters where blood is being dispersed more widely. They aren’t painful, but they won’t go away on their own.

What Causes Spider Veins?

spider veins fort worth, txIt’s more common for women to develop spider veins, usually on the calves and ankles, but they can also form on the cheeks. The reason they form is mainly a combination of gravity and aging. Our veins return de-oxygenated blood to the heart. In the legs, this path is all uphill, fighting gravity every inch of the way. When we’re young our muscles and support tissues surrounding our veins help to push the blood upward. But as we age, all of those tissues begin to slacken somewhat, no longer providing the added support to push the blood through the vein. Also, the vein walls weaken and the one-way valves that prevent backflow can begin to fail or leak. This allows blood to pool, making the vein visible through the surface skin. This is how spider veins and varicose veins form.

Other factors that can increase your risk for developing spider veins are jobs that require prolonged sitting or standing, heredity, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and hormonal changes.

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Are Spider Veins Painful?

Because they are so small, spider veins usually aren’t painful. They don’t cause swelling like varicose veins. Most people have no symptoms of spider veins other than their ugly appearance on the legs.

What happens to untreated spider veins?

Once they’ve developed, your spider veins aren’t going anywhere unless you come in and have Alison Holt inject them with sclerotherapy. Once the blood has pooled, either due to malfunctioning backflow valves or from weakening vein walls, there isn’t any other way to get rid of them naturally.

Spider veins won’t necessarily turn into varicose veins, although they can.

If you decide to not treat your spider veins, they will continue to be an unsightly part of your legs during our toasty weather here in Fort Worth. They’ll make you think twice about wearing shorts or a sundress, and that’s no way to handle our Texas heat.

These procedures are so simple that there’s really no reason not to have us remove your spider veins at Southwest Vein & Leg.

will spider veins go away naturally on their own?

No, once formed, spider veins won’t go anywhere without treatment. Despite what you read on the Internet, no miracle balm or salve will do anything about your spider veins.

How Are spider veins Removed?

At Southwest Vein & Leg Center, we use Sclerotherapy for spider vein treatment to remove spider veins.


Believe it or not, the most effective method for removing spider veins was originally developed in the 1930s! A tiny needle injects a special saline solution directly into the targeted spider vein. This solution irritates the walls of the vein, causing them to collapse and close off the vein. Once the spider vein is closed off, blood is instantly rerouted to healthier adjacent veins, and the body goes about the business of eventually absorbing and removing the now-unused vein. Sclerotherapy makes many veins instantly disappear completely; other veins initially lessen in appearance and then continue to fade away over the next few weeks.

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What are the side effects involved with sclerotherapy?

As we detailed above, sclerotherapy was first developed in the 1930s. This treatment to remove ugly spider veins has been performed millions of times since then, and, amazingly enough, it continues to provide the best solution to remove the unwanted clusters of purple and blue veins. The only risk of any note would be a reaction to the sclerosant agent, but that is very, very rare. You can have some slight bruising at the injection sites, but that passes in a day or two.

Who is an ideal candidate for sclerotherapy?

If you have spider veins, you’re a great candidate to come see us at Southwest Vein & Leg. Sclerotherapy is a simple procedure, and it doesn’t really have any restrictions. It takes Allison Holt APRN, CPNP just a few minutes to treat spider vein clusters. Reactions to the sclerosant solution are virtually nonexistent.

If your veins are pushing the skin upward and are larger, those are varicose veins. Sclerotherapy does not work on larger varicose veins. These veins must be treated with laser or radiofrequency ablation or with manual vein stripping.

Pregnant women are not eligible for sclerotherapy; come in a few weeks after delivery. Also, be sure to tell Ms. Holt if you have ever had a blood clot previously in your life. That could preclude you from having sclerotherapy, but she can decide based on your circumstances.

How long will my sclerotherapy take?

These treatments with Allison Holt APRN, CPNP take just a few minutes. The total length of your session depends on the number of spider vein clusters she is treating. Most sessions take just 15-20 minutes at our offices on St. Louis Avenue.

See What Our Patients Are Saying:

I absolutely love the Southwest Vein & Leg Center. Dr. Menzies, Brad and Autum have been wonderful to work with. They are very courteous and professional along with very friendly and welcoming. I am very pleased with the way my treatment is going. I would highly recommend Southwest Vein and Leg Center to anyone with concerning vein issues. -Stacey G.

Dr. Simmons and Brad are wonderful! They are very comfortable to speak to and have a calming demeanor during the procedures on my legs. I still have a couple more treatments to be done but already I can tell a huge difference on how swollen and painful they used to be and how they are now. If I have any more issues in the future with my legs, Dr. Simmons will definitely be who I go back to! I can’t wait for the end result, thank you so much Dr. Simmons and Brad!! Also, Autumn is very helpful with scheduling your next appointment. She tries her best to get your scheduled to work with what the doctor has available. Thank you Autumn! 🙂 

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What Is The Recovery Like?

spider vein treatment in Fort Worth, TXAfter your treatment, we’ll put you in a pair of compression stockings that provide support to help the body absorb the closed off veins. This is particularly important if you’ve had multiple veins treated. But you can return to all of your normal activities immediately after your treatment. As for exercise, keep it to walking on the day of your procedure.

You can return to any type of exercise the next day. You may have some slight aching across the treated veins, and possible slight bruising, but these reactions are normal and easy to tolerate.

Is There Any Harm Or Danger In Removing Spider Veins?

Removing spider veins is purely cosmetic. The procedures are simple and don’t require recovery time. There is very little risk of removing them.

Do I Need To Prepare Before My Treatment?

Staying hydrated prior to your appointment is really the only preparation necessary.

How many sessions will I need to remove my spider veins?

Most spider veins respond well to a single sclerotherapy treatment. When the sclerosant is injected, most of these veins dramatically diminish in appearance or virtually disappear. The body will still need to scavenge the closed-off vein, but the visibility of these vein clusters decreases immediately.

Some larger spider veins could require a second treatment. This can occur in cases where the first treatment didn’t fully close off the vein.

Can Spider Veins Recur?

The veins that are treated are closed off and the body will scavenge them and they will disappear. Blood will return to these veins again. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t develop new spider veins in the future, especially if you’re on your feet a lot or have to sit for prolonged periods.

Is there anything I can do on my own to prevent future spider veins from developing?

free of spider veins on legs Spider veins are one of those unfortunate aspects of aging, and they can occur in anyone. The key to minimizing spider vein development is to keep the blood pumping through your legs and to not be too sedentary.

These steps can help you stop spider veins from forming

  • Exercise regularly to improve your leg strength, circulation, and vein strength
  • Control your weight to avoid placing too much pressure on your legs
  • Don’t cross your legs when sitting
  • Elevate your legs when resting
  • Wear compression hosiery
  • Avoid standing for long periods of time

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