is not something that should be taken lightly. In fact, if not properly taken care of, it can even be life-threatening. That’s why it’s important to know some signs and symptoms that may be a sign of a larger problem with your veins. Here are some common symptoms to be aware of.

Itching And Burning

Itching and burning are among one of the most common signs that there may be an issue in your veins. Many patients report feeling itching and burning over their varicose or spider veins. These itching symptoms are caused by blood becoming stagnant and stalling inside the veins due to lack of function. These veins are usually highly treatable with a small injection.

Leg Heaviness Or Fatigue

While it’s pretty normal to experience fatigue at the end of a long workday, there’s a key difference between being tired and feeling like your legs are too heavy to lift. If that sounds like the fatigue you’re experiencing, you could have venous reflux disease.

Aching And Throbbing

Your legs may feel achy and have an overall feeling of fullness if you have an untreated venous disease. If you feel these symptoms and it’s taking a toll on your regular activities, we’d recommend you come in for a free screening to be evaluated for vein disease.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome typically occurs at night, making it difficult to get comfortable and relax. Even if you’re extremely tired, it can be hard to get to sleep. If your partner has ever mentioned that you are constantly moving or kicking in your sleep, that can also be a sign.

Numbness And Tingling

Numbness and tingling may manifest as the feeling of your legs or feet feeling like they’re asleep. This feeling can be really uncomfortable and frustrating if it’s happening often. This numbness and tingling may be caused by your veins.

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