Now that you have the “Just Keep Swimming” song from Finding Nemo in your head, we can move onto other more important things. Summer is here, temperatures have heated up, and you may have visions of laying out by the pool without ever getting in. Even though that sounds pretty relaxing, getting into the pool and swimming laps may help you alleviate some of your varicose vein symptoms. But how?

It Helps With Circulation

Varicose veins are caused when the blood pools in the veins due to poor circulation. Just like all cardio exercises, swimming helps to increase the circulation not only to your heart but throughout your body as well. And, the more you swim, the more circulation your body and veins are going to get.

It Helps With Weightloss

Although losing weight won’t necessarily get rid of your varicose veins, extra weight may be making your symptoms worse. If you take a look at all of the professional athletic swimmers out there, you will notice one thing: they are all long and lean (and that’s not just genetic; it’s from swimming). If you are trying to lose some weight and kick your varicose veins to the curb at the same time, then swimming may be the perfect outlet.

There’s No Pressure

One of the best things about swimming for exercise is that there isn’t the same pressure on your joints and legs as there is with other cardio exercises like running. The constant pounding against the pavement when you’re running can irritate your varicose veins and make your legs feel worse. But with swimming, you won’t have to worry about that.

Having something healthy and active to do in the summer is a plus, but simultaneously alleviating varicose vein symptoms is another benefit. To learn more about varicose vein treatment, contact us at our office today and call 817.235.0769.


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