When a patient comes to the office showing signs and symptoms of venous insufficiency, it’s our job to see what’s going on with the veins. A diagnostic test called vein mapping helps us determine what is causing the problem and is used to plan the course of treatment.

Here, we share some fast facts and what you need to know about vein mapping.

  • Vein mapping identifies superficial and deep vessels of the legs, which helps the provider identify vein disease and help the patient determine the best treatment options for the swelling or pain in their legs.
  • Vein mapping creates a map of the patient’s leg veins, which is then used to diagnose vein disease and guide treatments.
  • An ultrasound probe uses doppler (sound wave) technology to view all of the veins under the skin on the legs. As the ultrasound transducer moves up and down the legs, the sound waves are recorded. The information is converted into moving images, which looks like a map of the legs. This mapping allows the provider to see the size, depth and flow of blood in the veins, which will help them put together a treatment plan for the patient.
  • Vein mapping also can track the speed of the blood flowing through the veins, identifying areas where backflow is present.
  • Vein mapping is a painless, non-invasive diagnostic test that takes about an hour from start to finish. There are no risks associated with this test.
  • During vein mapping, patients stand on a raised platform for 25-30 minutes while the ultrasound machine maps the anatomy of your veins.
  • You can return to work and other normal activities after your appointment. No downtime is necessary.

Venous insufficiency presents as aching and heaviness in the legs, cramping, fatigue and leg restlessness. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you should schedule an appointment to learn about vein mapping and treatment options to help you feel better. If you live in or around the Fort Worth area, call 817.893.2699 to schedule a consultation.


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