One of the great things (and the scary things) about the Internet is that you can hop online, Google your symptoms, and provide yourself with a self-diagnosis. And although there’s a small chance that you may give yourself the right diagnosis, nothing’s quite as effective as getting a professional one from a specialist.

If you think you have vein disease, don’t just self-diagnose it, come into our Southwest Vein and Leg office for a proper diagnosis.

What Does the Diagnosis Entail?

By performing a physical examination and a test called vein mapping, our doctors at Southwest Vein and Leg should be able to offer you with a proper diagnosis.

Before you come into our office for your vein mapping procedure, we will ask you to drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine on the day of your appointment so that you are hydrated. When you arrive for your appointment, you will be instructed to stand for about 25-30 minutes while one of our vascular technologists uses an ultrasound machine to map the anatomy of your veins. This mapping helps us not only monitor any changes in your veins but help us determine which of your veins need to be treated.

What Happens After Your Diagnosis?

If you are in fact diagnosed with vein disease, we will help create a customized treatment plan that is catered specifically to you and your needs. Treatment options include making small lifestyle changes, ELA, RFA, Sclerotherapy, and Surface laser.

If you think you have vein disease, don’t mess around with a self-diagnosis, come into our office for a proper one. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact our office for a free screening: 817.235.0769.


Call 817.235.0769 to schedule your screening and see how Southwest Vein and Leg Center’s Venous Reflux treatments can improve your health and quality of life.


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