Having dry itchy skin during this time of year is common for just about anyone and their mom. With the drop in temperature, our skin tends to lose moisture which can cause it to dry out, crack, and even bleed in some instances. And although those symptoms are normal during the winter, if you have been suffering from skin changes on your calves, ankles, and feet, this could be a sign of vein disease.

What’s Vein Disease?

Vein disease, or venous reflux, is a disease in which the veins in your legs stop functioning properly resulting in pressure that builds up in the legs and feet which causes the blood to pool and clot. Specifically, patients with untreated vein disease suffer from a variety of symptoms including varicose veins, swelling, and even skin changes.

What Skin Diseases Problems Does Vein Disease Cause?

As previously mentioned, vein disease causes a lack of blood flow from the veins to the heart which doesn’t allow the skin to get the proper nutrients it needs to function. This lack of nutrients results in the skin tissue dying. In addition to experiencing traditional symptoms like swelling and varicose veins, some patients also experience skin conditions like:

  • Shiny, tight skin
  • Skin that is sensitive to pressure or touch
  • Thick, rough skin that resembles an animal
  • Dry, flaky, cracked skin
  • Skin that looks like it has broken down

If you have a history of vein disease and are experiencing these skin-related symptoms on your feet, legs, and calves, then we can help. During your initial consultation with our doctors at Southwest Vein and Leg, we will go over all of your existing symptoms and help you land on a treatment plan with your specific condition and lifestyle in mind. To learn more, schedule a consultation at our office at 817.235.0769.


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