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When should I be worried about varicose veins?

If you suffer from varicose veins, you know that they are unsightly and you may be bothered by their appearance. Sometimes they can be painful, which is often when people seek treatment. Whether they are painful or not, should you... Read more
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What to expect during recovery from sclerotherapy

If you are looking at undergoing sclerotherapy for the treatment of spider veins or varicose veins, then you may be wondering what recovery looks like. Here is what you can expect from recovery. What is sclerotherapy? Sclerotherapy is a relatively... Read more
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How do you know if you have vein problems?

Vein disease is something that many people may hear about but they don’t quite understand what it is, if they’re at risk or if they’re already experiencing symptoms. Here are some things you should know about vein disease and whether... Read more
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What you should know about spider veins

If you’ve experienced spider veins, then you know they are unsightly but not usually painful. Hare, we break down what causes them and the most effective way to treat them. What are spider veins? Spider veins are tiny damaged veins... Read more
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Questions to ask about vein disease

If you find yourself with spider veins, varicose veins or other signs of vein disease, you may have a million questions about when to seek medical treatment and what can be done to treat your problem. Here are some frequently... Read more
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Tips to improve your circulation

Did you know that your body is made up of about 60,000 miles of blood vessels that carry blood to every corner of your body? If you ever have poor circulation, this means your blood flow is slow or something... Read more
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How much do you know about spider veins?

Spider veins are small, squiggly lines that cause a big headache for anyone who has them. They can be unsightly and cause someone to avoid wearing clothing that would reveal these pesky veins on their skin. But how much do... Read more
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Frequently asked questions about vein disease

If you think you have venous reflux disease or have been diagnosed with vein disease, you may have a lot of questions about your treatment options. Here are some frequently asked questions about this common condition that affects approximately 75... Read more
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What is vein mapping?

When a patient comes to the office showing signs and symptoms of venous insufficiency, it’s our job to see what’s going on with the veins. A diagnostic test called vein mapping helps us determine what is causing the problem and... Read more


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